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Her Story


Visionary leader, Sought after speaker and Consummate Change Agent


Educator, visionary leader, sought after speaker, and consummate change agent, LaKeesha Walrond is a force pushing women and girls toward the infinite possibilities that await their arrival. She has dedicated her life to empowering women and children to live the best life possible. Hailing from the great state of Texas, she understands the importance of going big or going home.  As a child, she endured molestation, abuse, and patriarchy; which led her to be passionate about providing empowering resources for children and women.

In an effort to reach the hearts of women in an undisturbed atmosphere, Dr. Walrond launched the Getting to Greatness Women’s Conference in 2013.  G2G holds conferences, retreats, workshops and panel discussions promoting women’s empowerment, leadership development, spiritual wellness and mental and psychological wholeness. Reaching thousands of women nationwide, the G2G conference has ben held in New York, Florida, South Carolina, Canada, the Bahamas and   Arizona. In 2017, she will launch the first book of a six part ‘Let’s Talk About It’  series. This series is focused on empowering children  with the tools they need to stay safe. Her ‘Let’s Talk About It’ children’s books series is expected to bring attention to necessary conversations about child safety that must be held between children and the adults that love them.

Dr. Walrond earned her undergraduate degree from Spelman College, a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Master in School Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked in both public and charter schools as well as the United Church of Christ and Baptist Churches.  She is a dynamic speaker who has addressed both national and international audiences; having spoken in South Africa, Canada, The Bahamas, South Korea and India. She is the proud mother of Jasmyn and Michael, III, and currently serves as the Executive Pastor at First Corinthian Baptist Church along side her husband. Michael A. Walrond Jr., the senior Pastor.  She hopes to improve the lives of children and empower the lives of women to the benefit of all humanity.


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