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The Book Series

Let’s Talk About It children’s books series addresses important but challenging topics for children and adults in an effort to end child abuse. These books will equip children with tools necessary to protect themselves from physical, mental, psychological and  sexual abuse. Intended to open the lines of communication between adults and children; LTAI books will lead to empowering conversations on ‘taboo’ topics that will decrease abuse against children.

The initial six part series; which will include three books about girls and three books about boys, focuses on the prevention of sexual violence against children. In the first book, “My Body is Special,” Eva empowers other children to take ownership of their bodies and she provides them with problem solving tools to help prevent an unhealthy touch.

The Event Series

Getting to Greatness (G2G) is an organization devoted to the advancement of women and girls through self empowerment, leadership development, spiritual growth and mental and physical wellness. We inspire women to choose a destiny of greatness rather than settle for a lifetime of goodness.  G2G seeks to awaken the greatness that lies in every woman and girl and help her tap into that greatness by making it a reality in all areas in her life.

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